Two-day kayaking tour in the heart of Kakheti
You're paddling along, focusing on the obstacles, and then slowly lift your head. Around you, there's a forest, cliffs, ivy thickets... and the snowdrops of the Caucasus on the horizon. That's how it is throughout the whole route.
And in the evening, there's a stop on a sunlit meadow, where the guys set up a camp sauna.
The culmination — you, steamed and enlightened, ride at a brisk gallop to the river, to cool off by spreading your fingers (that's what you need to do, trust us). Amen.

Having explored the Alazani, we chose the most picturesque and remote area. Fully loaded journey, guys!

On Friday evening, the steady guy Soso will pick you up from Tbilisi and take you to our starting point on the Alazani. We'll be there, with a delicious dinner and celebration of the occasion. We'll eat, get to know each other, crack jokes, and sing along to the guitar...

On Saturday, after breakfast, we'll pack our things and listen carefully to the briefing. Then — a day of kayaking through the heart of the Alazani Valley, with stops for photos and lunch. In the evening: camping sauna, shashlik (grilled meat), and a campfire party...

On Sunday, we'll continue the route. At the finish line: a hearty lunch and the sidekick Soso, ready to take the group back to Tbilisi at the first signal.

We'll have a support vehicle on the route. This means that all belongings can be left in it and you can kayak lightly.
7 – 9 june
5 – 7 july
2 – 4 august
How much?
160$ (~430 GEL) without transfer
The price includes:
✓ Kayaking equipment (a place in a kayak, life jacket, helmet, spraydeck)
✓ Camping food: breakfast, lunch, and dinner
✓ Instructors' work
✓ Sleeping equipment (sleeping bag, liner, mat, tent space)
✓ Portable sauna
✓ General first aid kit
✓ Camping equipment
✓ Support vehicle
− Transfer Tbilisi-Alazani-Tbilisi (50 GEL)
− Medical insurance
− Personal first aid kit
The price does not include:
You need to bring:
  1. Two sets of clothing. For water activities, lightweight, quick-drying clothing is preferred. Long-sleeved clothing that protects against the sun is good for kayaking. For the evening: warmer hiking clothes.
  2. Sneakers
  3. Lightweight and secure water shoes, ideally sandals. Sneakers can be used, but they will be very wet throughout the kayaking trip.
  4. Headwear
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Toothpaste and toothbrush
  7. Power bank
  8. Flashlight
  9. Cup
  10. Raincoat
  11. Slippers, towel, and swimsuit for the sauna
  12. Medicines that you cannot do without.
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